I’m Turner G. Cowles, and I am a multimedia journalist. I was born in Fairhope, Ala. and raised in Naples, Fla. During undergrad at Florida State and Florida A&M Universities, I worked for FAMU’s TV20, FSU’s student radio station, newspaper and the local ABC television affiliate. After graduating, I attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. I now work for a social video news startup in New York called NowThis News.

I have worked in every traditional medium, starting with radio, moving to newspaper and, just before graduating from FSU, anchoring a live, weekday television newscast. At FSU, I was part of the editorial team that pushed our campus newspaper’s web presence on fsunews.com. The FSView & Florida Flambeau is one of the most widely circulated college newspapers, and we quickly set a goal of 100,000 page hits per month – ambitious, but with 40,000 students it did not seem unreasonable. Since graduation, the general manager has pegged me to return to work as the content supervisor, responsible for web content.

In November 2012, I was tasked with creating an interactive web graphic to allow New York City residents to better understand how city council redistricting would affect their daily lives. I pooled open source data from the New York City Open Data website, and I compiled several fusion tables into Google Maps to embed on our website (bit.ly/NYC_Redistricting).

Since I started this website, I’ve had a respectable number of visitors, and I cannot thank everyone enough!

These are the countries my site has been viewed in. The darker the color, the more I've been viewed there.

These are the countries my site has been viewed in. The darker the color, the more I’ve been viewed there.