Champion 911 call released

911 Operator: What is your emergency?

Caller: We are at the uh, we are at the hotel—the Rosen Plaza on “I” Drive and one of our drum majors can’t breathe. He’s throwing up.

911 Operator: Ok go ahead and stay on the phone, I’m gonna put you on with the paramedics, alright? You said you’re at the Rosen Plaza on International Drive, correct?

Caller: Yeah, we at the—we’re on the bus.

911 Operator: Stay on the phone;

Caller: They’re on the bus

911 Operator: Hang on one second, I’m gonna put you on with paramedics.

Caller: Yeah, we’re on the bus. He’s throwing up.

911 Operator: Ok, do not hang up.

—Dial tone—

Fire Rescue: Fire & Rescue?

Caller: We are at Rosen Plaza on “I” drive and one of our drum majors is on the bus and not breathing.

Fire Rescue: What is the address.

Caller: I don’t know the address… I really don’t know. We are with the Florida A&M University.

Fire Rescue: Can you ask somebody there for the address? Because that’s what I need.

911 Operator: Hang on one second, I’ve got 9700 “I” drive

Fire Rescue: Ok you said you’re on a bus?

Caller: Yeah, we’re on a bus. We were just… we’re still on a bus. Huh?

Fire Rescue: You’re at the Rosen Plaza?

Caller: Yes we are. We’re at the Rosen Plaza

Fire Rescue: You’re sitting in front of it on a bus?

Caller: No we’re… we’re, we’re sitting outside. We’re sitting on the bus! He can’t…

Fire Rescue: You’re at the Rosen Plaza?

Caller: Yeah

FIRE RESCUE: Ok is he breathing or is he not breathing?

CALLER: We don’t know if he’s breathing or not, but we need an ambulance ASAP.

FIRE RESCUE: Ambulance is on their way already.

CALLER: We’re… we’re in the back of the hotel.

FIRE RESCUE: Indistinguishable

Caller: Huh? Huh? 911? Huh? He’s throwing up… He’s throwing up.

FIRE RESCUE: Indistinguishable

CALLER: Huh? Huh? I can’t hear you.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, are you with him right now?


FIRE RESCUE: Are you with the person right now?

CALLER: Well I’m outside the bus so I can hear you.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, so he’s inside the bus?

CALLER: Uh, yes, he’s inside the bus.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, how old is he?

CALLER: He is 25.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, is he awake?

CALLER: uh, uh, he is not even—uh, he was responding a little bit, he wasn’t responding. We thought he was breathing ’cause he was making noises, but I don’t even know if he’s breathing now.

FIRE RESCUE: OK, is he awake?

CALLER: His eyes are open. His eyes are open… He’s not responding

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, but is he breathing?

CALLER: I have no idea. I cannot tell you that.  He just threw up.

FIRE RESCUE: He just threw up?


FIRE RESCUE: Ok, well like I said I do already to have help on the way. Was he like shaking or anything like that?

CALLER: No he wasn’t. He wasn’t shaking. I don’t even know how it… how he was. He was just sitting there talking, and the next thing you know he was… he was uh shaking and not doing anything.

FIRE RESCUE: OK he was shaking or he wasn’t shaking?

CALLER: No, no, he wasn’t shaking. He just—he wasn’t moving. I don’t know what’s going on.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, can you get back on the bus? And I want you to see if he’s breathing because that’s very important.


Background: Hey, Dr. White’s outside.

CALLER: Is he breathing?

Background: See if they got a AED in there, and automatic defribilator.

CALLER: Hey, we uh, indistinguishable

CALLER: Hello?

FIRE RESCUE: Hi, I need to know what’s going on

CALLER: Ma’am, we have a band member on the bus right here, and he is not breathing. We’re at the Rosen Plaza.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, I know. Are you with him right now?

CALLER: Yes, I’m with him ma’am. He’s not breathing. I tried to give him CPR and he started to vomit.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, well I want you to lay him on the floor; is he on the floor?

CALLER: Yes ma’am he’s on the floor.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, is there anything under him?

CALLER: No, no ma’am. There’s nothing under him.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, is there an AED available?

CALLER: I just sent somebody in to try to get one. He’s inside the hotel.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, like I told them already, we do have help on the way. You’re in the back of the hotel on a bus, correct?

CALLER: Yes ma’am.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok and you’re right by him now.

CALLER: I’m… I’m… He’s in my hands ma’am. He’s cold. He’s in my hands.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok well I want you to lay him flat on his back and remove anything from under his head, ok?

CALLER: Ok, I’m gonna try. He’s heavy.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, I understand just try to do your best, ok?

CALLER: Alright.

FIRE RESCUE: Let me know when he’s flat on his back.

CALLER: I’m tryin… I have to put the phone down real quick, hold on.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, that’s fine. Just pick it back up.

CALLER: I gotta try to get him on his back, flat.


FIRE RESCUE: Are you talking to me or somebody else?

CALLER: Hello?

FIRE RESCUE: Hi, did you lay him on his back?

CALLER: Excuse me?

FIRE RESCUE: Is he flat on his back?

New Caller: Yeah, we’re trying to get him, uhh, on his back now.


CALLER: Alright he’s flat. He’s flat on his back.

FIRE RESCUE: Ok, then I want you to kneel down next to him, and I want you to look in his mouth for food or vomit.

CALLER: yes, there’s vomit.

FIRE RESCUE: There is vomit in his mouth?


FIRE RESCUE: ok, well then I want you to turn his head to the side, and I want you to clean out his mouth and his throat


Call ends

FIRE RESCUE: Hello? Sir? Dispatch are you still on the phone?

911 Operator: Yeah we are, I’ve got a deputy en route as well.

FIRE RESCUE: OK thanks, yeah I think we’re pulling up to it. I’ll try to call him back though


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