Liberal Media v. Liberal Academia

I noticed something this morning. My grandfather watches Fox News, and something one of their contributors said stuck out to me this morning.

They said something along the lines of “the liberal media and the liberal academia…” I was in the other room, so I don’t really know what the entire segment was about. But that phrase stuck out to me as peculiar. Media and Academia are the two biggest sources of information transfer in our lives. The best way, overall, according to innumerable studies, sources and academics, to make a better life for yourself and your family is to get a college degree. Study after study prove that college degrees can improve annual income by 200%; the source I’ve pulled that from is the United States Census Bureau.

Now, wait a minute. The liberal academia is a place where Americans can go to improve their own lives, but it will make them liberal? Is that a chance Americans are willing to take? Sacrifice their conservatism to attend college and double their annual income—I’m pretty sure most Americans will say yes. But it makes me wonder, does information lead to liberalism? If academia and media are two of the most concerning liberal strongholds in this country, the strongest conservative strongholds must be the opposite of those, right? So does that mean ignorance and social seclusion are the conservative strongholds?

While I clearly don’t think conservatives are ignorant and secluded, I do think their constant berating of media and academia are misplaced. Do most conservative politicians believe Americans should go to school? Of course. But if they want you to go to school, why are they putting down your institution all the while? It just doesn’t add up.

Here’s my question: if academia and media are the leftest of the liberal, then does that mean information equals liberalism? Does the smarter someone become make them become more liberal too?

I only ask this because I’ve attended college. I have my own opinions, and they’re not liberal or conservative. Quite frankly, one party vows for this kind of regulation while the other wants that kind of regulation. Republicans argue for social regulation—abortion control, marriage sanctity and ultra tight immigration controls; Democrats vie for fiscal regulation—banking reforms, healthcare overhauls and taxation. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with any of the aforementioned, but let’s call a spade a spade. Republicans saying they’re against regulation is like an academic telling people not to attend college. It just doesn’t make sense—it’s not the real world. Regulation is regulation, whether it’s fiscal or social.


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