NPR’s Ailsa Chang revisits her award-winning “stop & frisk” reporting
April 24, 2012

duPont Blog – 2012 duPont Award winner Ailsa Chang offers a look at how her reporting affected a major New York City police action, and she offers insight and advice to soon-to-graduate journalism students.

Family Experiences Second Disaster after Hurricane Sandy
Nov. 27, 2012

VIDEO – After Hurricane Sandy battered outer New York City, a Far Rockaway resident’s family — living in his wife’s East Harlem apartment faces a residential fire set by a mattress.

Sandy Spawns Tale of Two Manhattans
Nov. 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy separated the powerless downtowners from the more fortunate uptowners, highlighting the differences between the two areas.

MTA Subway Service Back Online in Part
Nov. 1, 2012

New York City’s subway system is coming back online in bits and pieces. After a system-wide outage, the subway system started up again at 6 a.m. Thursday. Fares are waived through Friday. Click to see a map of stations and list of trains in service.

NYC Subway Project Renews East Side Access Project
Oct. 30, 2012

VIDEO – A Second Avenue Subway line has been a New York City governmental dream since the early 1900s, and the city is picking the pieces back up to finish and open a new “T” line.

Hurricane Sandy Nears Landfall
Oct. 28, 2012

A real-time update to Northattan readers with wind speeds, geographical data and safety tips in regard to the approach of Hurricane Sandy

Education Head Arne Duncan Visits Crown Heights School
Oct. 23, 2012

VIDEO – Arne Duncan visits P-Tech Academy in Brooklyn to praise its new system of teaching students, a system that includes a free associates degree.

Soweto Gospel Choir to perform in Tallahassee
Feb. 9, 2012

FAMU Students protest at Governor’s Mansion
Dec. 16, 2011

VIDEO – FAMU students gathered on campus late this evening in an unorganized, spur-of-the-moment rally. They decided they would march in protest Gov. Rick Scott’s call for FAMU President James Ammons’s suspension.

Click here for the full story and video.

Robert Champion 911 call released
Dec. 2, 2011

911 Operator: What is your emergency?
Caller: We are at the uh, we are at the hotel—the Rosen Plaza on “I” Drive and one of our drum majors can’t breathe. He’s throwing up.
911 Operator: Ok go ahead and stay on the phone, I’m gonna put you on with the paramedics, alright? You said you’re at the Rosen Plaza on International Drive, correct?
Caller: Yeah, we at the—we’re on the bus.
911 Operator: Stay on the phone;

Click here to read the entire call.

Full Newscast
Nov. 11, 2011

Subway workers protest
Oct. 28, 2011

VIDEO – Former employees of the Subway restaurant on South Monroe Street staged a protest on Thursday, Oct. 27. They stood with signs that read “don’t support this Subway” and “this Subway sucks.” The protest included two former employees, one county commissioner and multiple more community members—all black.

Click here for the full story and video.

Stolen StarMetro bus
Oct. 24, 2011

VIDEO – Just before noon on Monday, Oct. 24, a StarMetro bus was stolen from the C.K. Steele Plaza in downtown Tallahassee. Bus 0509 was commandeered by James Shaw, Jr. Shaw drove away from the terminal, and city police began to chase the bus westbound on W. Tennessee Street.

Click here for the full story and video.

VIDEO – “The people united will never be defeated!” shouted the nearly 150 protestors.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement made its way to the steps of the Old Capitol renaming itself “Occupy Tallahassee” this weekend. Tallahasseeans young and old were on the lawn protesting what they call corporate greed.
Occupy Tallahassee’s website said they want to take ” down the corporate beast.”

Click here for the full story and video.

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